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George McNeish


I was studying SLAVERY and THE CIVIL WAR when I thought, "What if one ordinary person had done things differently? Could it have changed the course of history?" I invented Bobby Johnson as that ordinary person who's actions influenced others and together they did the impossible. In "THE ALTERNATIVE" you can read about history as it never happened, but it may make you wonder if you, yourself, could do something to make the world a better place.

I am greatly influenced by the words of Bahá'u'lláh, "The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct."

(Quoted by Shoghi Effendi, The Advent of Divine Justice, p. 24)

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What People are Saying

I have recieved these emails: (quoted in part)

"I really enjoyed reading George McNeish's The Alternative. It was a real page turner that told an alternative story about the deep-seated racism that was rampant in the southern US before the Civil War. If only things had really happened as they did in the book; perhaps thousands of lives could have been saved. The characters were interesting and the books under-pinning philosophy were inspirational. The ideas set forth in the book are much needed in today's divided world. Great work George!"
Best regards,

I want to congratulate you on your novel- The Alternative. I could not put it down when I started reading it. Congratulations, I thought it was marvelous, and the story came alive, and made the history of the Civil War more understandable for me, as it made me realize how the majority of Southerners thought as well as others.
I'm recommending it to my friends, and club members. Has the library got copies?

Note that the London Public Library has one copy. (george)

February is Black History Month.
Just finished a book,set in the 1840's about the ugly truth of the horrendous injustice that black slaves endure. The main characters,with a Romeo & Juliette like romance, turn around this ugly history to provide a purely fictional but beautiful heartwarming ending. The book is "The Alternative " by Canadian author George McNeish

Dear George,
It was a real pleasure meeting you today at the Kiwanis meeting.
When I got home I glanced in your book just to get a feel for it, and was immediately engrossed in the plot and the characters!
I love the topic and the personalities of the characters.
It's very, very interesting. I can't put it down!!

If you are looking for an intriguing, uplifting "read", please consider George McNeish's Alternative! Its ingenious plot is in search of discovering how respect for human nobility can transform slavery into a more productive economy. With its cast of lively, convincible and loveable characters, this book ranks among the most inviting books I've ever read. Through its pages Bobby, his wife Ruthie with her repentant father (Mr. Lancer), Samson with his spirited wife Krissy lead us through a credible account of slavery in the mid-nineteenth century, ever conjuring up unpredictable scenes in which the well-laid scheme of abolishing slavery evolves. Their's is not a sudden "coup" that overthrows an entrenched status quo with glee and ephemeral congratulations, but a slow, measured transmutation of deeply ingrained beliefs that some human-appearing creations were definitively more like animals than themselves!! It is sobering to vicariously experience the cruelty perpetrated on humans in the name of religion and superiority. At the same time it's an inspiring "ride" through most the dialogue, imbued as it is with principles of humanity's higher nature clearly being implemented into daily life interactions and innumerable negotiations. A reader comes away with a sense of hope and vision that a saner, more harmonious world is not only possible but inevitable!!

In "Walking Together on a Path of Service" (Ruhi 7), the Institute exhorts us to to develop participants' "capacity for artistic expression through, music poetry, painting, drama or any of the various types of crafts ... as an essential element enhancing the spiritual development of participants." The Alternative embodies the term "a well written book" in 'Abdu'l-Baha's words below:

"It is natural for the heart and spirit to take pleasure and enjoyment in all things that show forth symmetry, harmony and perfection. For instance: a beautiful house, a well designed garden, a symmetrical line, a graceful action, a well written book, pleasing garments - in fact, all things that have in themselves grace or beauty are pleasing to the heart and spirit ..."
With gratitude and encouragement to George for a this commendable achievement!! Terry

Well i finished the book the day before the birthday party and i did not like the last page i guess it should say that if the Plantation owners had followed this plan it could have averted the war and it says there was no war. I thought the book was well written even after reading the background of where George got his information it was hard to remember this was fiction it was so real. I cannot remember names but have read about the two mixed race women from Bronx who were born i think South Carolina and seen them on tv and what they said about how they grew up in a home with their black mother and the white father lived in his big house with his white house what she described was very similar to what George talked about in this book. Very interesting highly recommend it.

"The Alternative" by George McNeish. An extremely interesting book. The reality of life as a Black Slave, in the South. As well, what a different reality of thinking in the South, could have led to in the future ideals of the United States. Twice read and enjoyed it more so, on the second read. Highly recommend, as an enjoyable evening read. Raymond


"Singing in the Chapel" is a short story that deal with the lives of a slave family. They are separated in slavery as each member is sold to different owners but they have strong faith and pray that they will be reunited in freedom. They all eventually make it to London Canada over a period of twenty years and are reunited, but how will they cope with the after effects of the abuse they suffered?

This story was turned into the play, "My Name is Margaret Harman" by Jason Rip. The play is also included in the book and it enjoyed a very good run at "The Arts Project" in London, Ontario in February of 2017. Opening night sold out and over 300 people saw the play. It was the most successful presentation ever performed at The Arts Project.

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