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The Alternative

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George is out pedalling his book

Watch for him. In the above picture, George stands in front of the Cannon that was featured on his cover. It is at Victoria Park in London.

I'm in Forest, Ontario

After spending the first half of 2017 biking from London to Guelph and spending time with my parents, I landed in Stratford in September where I got a job as a building superintendent. I went back to Guelph in June of 2018 and am moving to Forest, Ontario in December of 2018.

The play "My Name is Margaret Harman" was presented Wednesday Feb. 8 - 11, 2017 and was very well attended. I sold many books at that time, donating profits to the FSCPP.
I also sold more books when I addressed The Hidden History of Hamilton Rd. on Thursday 16 February, 2017.

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The Alternative

See Blog for details and updates.

Being ecomomically challenged, George McNeish began to think about ways to promote his book, "THE ALTERNATIVE," that wouldn't cost money. He had a bicycle that was given to him a few years ago so he constructed a trailer for it using scrap parts that he had laying around. He first attached banners that he had for previous engagements, but invested a little for signs for the sides of the trailer. For the first month or so, he biked around London to test drive his equipment and find its weak spots. There has been many breakdowns, and each repair has made the equipment stronger and more able to endure long distance travel.

The summer of 2016 saw George in many localities in Ontario. London, Tavistock, Guelph, Fergus. Arthur, Conn, Egerton, Palmerston, Molesworth, Listowell, Stratford and Popular Hill are a few. If you saw him someplace feel free to comment on his blog.


After facing a head wind all day I finally got to Tavistock early the next morning
In front of University of Guelph entrance
I spent two weeks in Guelph
The BME church in Guelph
When in Fergus I paid a visit to the Wellington County Museum
I had a flat tire as I approached Alma
Fixed a bearing in Drayton
I didn't take this road as I wanted to visit the Cemetery first
Molesworth Cemetery
This house was built by my ancestors.

Back In London

"THE ALTERNATIVE" was inspired by the Fugitive Slave chapel Preservation Project.
This is the building that appears on the cover.

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